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Human Resource Analytics

HCM Dashboards (Analytics) The Human Capital Management Dashboard workshop that was held during July 2014.
HCM AdHoc Analysis Oracle HR Analytics provides organizations detailed analysis on HR programs and workforce performance. It integrates critical data from across the enterprise value chain transforming silos of information into relevant, timely, and actionable insight.
Workforce Deployment The Workforce Deployment functional area is the information foundation for workforce analysis. It provides the comprehensive core workforce information to support analysis on headcount, retention, workforce diversity, and monitoring staffing levels.
Workforce Effectiveness This subject area correlates key workforce metrics with financial metrics and analyzes the overall HR effectiveness using industry standard metrics to focus on Internal mobility, overall company performance, productivity, and cost.
Compensation This subject area provides detailed analysis content to understanding compensation practices and trends pertaining to the workforce, including employee salary compression within salary grades, overtime and other types of compensation.
Retention This subject area has been developed foe analysis of retention and turnover trends and their relation to other factors like compensation and performance for entire organization.
Time and Labor Time and Labor subject area provides a detailed information of the measures involved in creating, reporting, and processing of employees timesheets.
Accrual Leave Accrual functional area provides Accrual metrics for the supervisors and analyze employee accrual hours and balance, and accrual liability.
Payroll Payroll subject area contains the balance details of various metrics used in the payroll run of an organization. Also provides the MTD, QTD, and YTD details of various payroll balances.