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DATE:   06/23/2020

Financial CO-1092 Processing on Hold During FYE

This Daily Mail replaces the FYE CO1092 Security Processing updates sent out on Monday, 6/22. HR CO1092 Security Requests will not be impacted by the 2020 FYE processing.

In preparation for PO Roll and other FYE tasks, CO-1092 processing for Financials (only) will be put on hold at the end of the day on Wednesday 6/24. During this time User Preferences in Financials will also not be updated. While on hold, FIN Security Liaisons can still enter new requests, but they will not have the final approval and processing done until the FYE activities are completed.

Financial CO-1092 processing should resume by Monday 7/6, or sooner, depending on the completion of FYE activities. Another daily mail will be sent at that point to notify you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Expiration Date:   08/01/2020)

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