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Catalog of Online Reports

EPM Queries - Overview

Welcome to the EPM Queries section of the Core-CT Catalog of Reports and Queries. EPM Queries are custom public queries available through the Core-CT EPM Reporting Application. They are designed to help fulfill common ad-hoc reporting requirements, and are available in EPM according to users' security profiles and roles.

This section contains information to help you locate, execute and interpret reports, including:

  Brief description of the query and its intended use
  EPM folder where the query is stored
  Reporting table(s) utilized
  Data, criteria and prompts specified
  Example of the query output (report)

Each report has a corresponding Report Catalog entry designed to provide an overview of the report and to assist you in running it in Core-CT. Entries are grouped within report categories.

Please click here on Choosing EPM Queries to access a list of report categories.

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