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Catalog of Online Reports

Online Financial Reports - Overview

Welcome to the Online Financial Reports section of the Core-CT Catalog of Reports and Queries. Reports in this section are available through the Core-CT Financial System within modules according to user security profiles and roles. The Online Financial Reports section contains information to help users execute and interpret reports. Each report guide is divided into three sections:

Section 1. Introduction
                Brief description of the report and its intended use
                Type of report
                Legacy CAS/SAAAS reports
                Role(s) needed to access the report
                Navigation path to the report
                Suggested run times

Section 2. Report Request Parameters
                List of recommended input parameters
                Chartfield selection (if applicable)
                Helpful hints

Section 3. Example(s) Of Report Output
                Format - Portable Document Format (PDF) and/or CSV (MS Excel)

Choosing Financial Reports

Each report has a corresponding Report Catalog entry designed to provide an overview of the report and aid in running it in Core-CT. These entries are grouped within categories shown at right.

Click "SELECT" next to a category to open its detailed list of reports (showing report number, name, and navigational path) where you will be able to link to a specific report's entry.

OR... click "HELP" to generate a list of reporting objectives paired with suggested reports. This is useful if you are unsure as to which report to use, or if you are looking for an alternative to a report already in use. Here too you will be able to click on a report name to access its corresponding Report Catalog entry.

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