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Welcome to the Manager's Guide to Core-CT Financials Web Site

Manager/Supervisor Guides

The Manager Guide series had been designed to fill the knowledge gap that managers and supervisors may have concerning their role in the Core-CT financial system. The intended users of these guides are supervisors and managers who, generally, do not have day-to-day responsibility for completing work but who supervise those individuals who do complete work. These individuals generally have reconciliation and review responsibility.

The question has been raised about what a supervisor or manager should be looking at: What should they be doing; what reports are available, what information is available? The manager Guides attempt to answer these questions by providing the manager or supervisor with concise information about those items that are most important to a manager.

Core-CT also offers customized, personal instruction for managers and supervisors who have specific training needs and or a desire to learn more about how Core-CT can help with day-to-day operations through reporting and queries. If you are a manager or supervisor, contact the Help Desk (860-622-2300, Ext 1) to have Core-CT professionals develop targeted, specific plans to help you get the most information in the most efficient manner out of Core-CT. Core-CT staff will offer individual or group instruction to complete manager's business plan objectives.

Each guide is made up of:

- An Overview -- a brief description of the module

- A diagram showing how the subject module fits in with the rest of Core-CT

- A Management/Supervisor checklist -- a bulleted list of manager/supervisor tasks as they relate to the Core-CT module

- A report list from the catalog of Online Financial Reports -- This section provides a description of the module reports that are available including a link to more detailed information.

- Frequently Used Job Aids -- a resource showing where more detailed module information is available

- Other relevant information

While the guides are not considered training, they should help the manager or supervisor pinpoint areas where he or she may want to study further or help identify areas where staff might benefit from additional training.

Manager Guide to Accounts Payable

Manager Guide to Accounts Receivable

Manager Guide to Asset Management

Manager Guide to Billing

Manager Guide to Core-CT Helpdesk

Manager Guide to EPM Ad-Hoc Reporting

Manager Guide to General Ledger/Commitment Control

Manager Guide to Inventory

Manager Guide to Project Costing and Customer Contracts

Manager Guide to Supply Chain (Purchasing and e-Procurement)