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Welcome to the Core-CT Website

Welcome to the home page for Core-CT, Connecticut state government's integrated human resources, payroll and financial system. Based on your role, use the links to the left to navigate to pages designed for you.

Hours of System Operation:
Monday - Sunday 4:00am - 8:00pm
HRMS Confirm Thursday 4:00am - 2:00pm


Important! For all State Employees

This is an important message for all state employees who use Core-CT for any reason – whether to enter your timesheets or any other function.
The Office of the State Comptroller’s Core-CT team completed a significant project over the weekend to migrate the Core-CT infrastructure to a cloud-based provider.  This major undertaking was a success, though the Core-CT team continues to be on standby to rapidly respond to any issues as they arise. Following this change, in order to successfully use Core-CT for time entry this week, all employees who use the system must first clear their browser cache. Failing to do so may cause navigation issues and page errors.
What is “clearing my browser cache” – and how do I do it?
Your browsers - i.e., Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari – use “cache” to store/retain all of the websites that a user visits. It does so to make it easier to load these websites when you visit them in the future. Because Core-CT has migrated to a new environment, you need to delete that cache in order to best utilize the new environment. Below is a link with step-by-step instructions on how to clear your cache. Each browser may be unique, so the instructions here will show you what to do based on the browser that you use.  Should you still experience issues after clearing your browser cache, you can open your browser in Private or Incognito mode.  Please see the links to instructions below.
Clearing Browser Cache Job Aid
In Private Browsing Job Aid 

How to use Desktop View on Mobile Devices